[ISN] Detroit's Mayor Will Leave Office and Go to Jail

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The New York Times
September 4, 2008

DETROIT - Mayor Kwame M. Kilpatrick pleaded guilty to felony charges 
here on Thursday and agreed to resign from office and serve 120 days in 
jail, ending eight months of political turmoil but also opening a new 
era of uncertainty for the city.

After the agreement, Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm of Michigan suspended her 
hearing on whether to remove Mr. Kilpatrick for misconduct, relieving 
her of being in the awkward position of possibly ousting the mayor, a 
fellow Democrat, from office.

"It is my profound hope that we can now write a new history for this 
great but embattled city and that the citizens of Detroit begin the 
healing process to move forward," she said. But even as the fate of Mr. 
Kilpatrick became clear on Thursday, a new layer of potential pitfalls 
came into view.

The City Council that will now try to bring stability to the nation's 
11th largest city is known for its volatility. Its two top leaders, 
Kenneth V. Cockrel Jr., the council president who will now be interim 
mayor, and Monica Conyers, who will become president of the Council, 
were recently involved in a public shouting match that has become a 
running joke.


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