[ISN] Targeted Attacks, DNS Issues Hit Home in New CSI Report

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Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2008 01:20:30 -0500 (CDT)

By Tim Wilson
Site Editor
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OCTOBER 3, 2008

Enterprises are beginning to feel the heat from two emerging classes of 
exploits that have emerged over the past year: targeted attacks and DNS 
vulnerabilities, according to a new study scheduled to be released next 

The Computer Security Institute is preparing to release its 13th annual 
Computer Crime and Security Survey, which outlines the attitudes and 
experiences of more than 500 enterprise security professionals over the 
course of the last year. The full CSI report will be revealed in a 
webcast [1] to be held on Oct. 8.

In a preview of the report, CSI director Robert Richardson said he was 
struck by the fact that 27 percent of the respondents to the 2008 survey 
indicated that their enterprises had been hit by a targeted attack -- 
defined as a malware attack aimed exclusively at the enterprise or at a 
small subset of the general business population --during the last year.

"We've heard a lot of warnings from security researchers about targeted 
attacks, but what this data says to me is that these attacks are really 
happening," Richardson says. "They may have been hypothetical a few 
years ago, but these are a reality today."

[1] https://www.techwebonlineevents.com/ars/eventregistration.do?mode=eventreg&F=1001127


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