[ISN] Report: Data Breaches Expose About 30M Records in '08

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Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2008 00:26:47 -0500 (CDT)

By Brian Krebs 
Security Fix
Washington Post
October 6, 2008

U.S. corporations, governments and universities reported a record 516 
consumer data breaches in the first nine months of this year, incidents 
prompted chiefly by hackers and employee theft, according to a report 
released today by a nonprofit group that works to prevent fraud.

The Identity Theft Resource Center, of San Diego, found that this year's 
data breach tally has easily eclipsed 2007's 446 incidents. At an 
average of 57 caches of consumer data reported lost or stolen each 
month, U.S. organizations are on track to divulge at least 680 breaches 
by the end of 2008.

About 80 percent of the breaches involved digital records, while the 
remainder stemmed from the loss, theft or exposure of paper-based 
records. A description of each incident is available in the Identity 
Theft Resource Center 's 2008 Breach List (PDF) [1].

Some 30 million records on consumers have been exposed so far this year. 
But experts say that figure almost certainly masks a much larger 
problem, as there is currently no federal requirement for organizations 
that experience a data breach or loss to acknowledge precisely how many 
consumers nationwide may have been affected.

[1] http://idtheftmostwanted.org/ITRC%20Breach%20Report%202008.pdf


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