[ISN] Cellphone Botnets, Blackmailing VOIP & a Healthy Cybercrime Economy

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Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2008 03:08:49 -0500 (CDT)

By Kelly Jackson Higgins
Senior Editor
Dark Reading
OCTOBER 15, 2008

Cellphones will become members of botnets. VOIP systems will get hit by 
blackmailing denial-of-service attacks. The cybercrime economy will 
thrive, even as the global economy struggles.

And today, around 15 percent of all computers online are infected as 
bots, up from 10 percent last year, according to the Georgia Tech 
Information Security Center's (GTISC) new report on emerging cyber 
threats for 2009 and beyond.

“Compared with viruses and spam, botnets are growing at a faster rate,” 
said botnet researcher Wenke Lee, an associate professor at GTISC in the 
report, which was released today at the GTISC Security Summit on 
Emerging Cyber Security Threats.

And it’s not just your laptop or desktop that’s at risk of botnet 
recruitment. One of the next big threats will be the bad guys injecting 
malware onto cellphones to infect them as bots. Those botnets then could 
be used against the wireless infrastructure.

“Large cellular botnets could then be used to perpetrate a DoS 
[denial-of-service] attack against the core of the cellular network,” 
said Patrick Traynor, assistant professor in the School of Computer 
Science at Georgia Tech and a member of GTISC. “But because the mobile 
communications field is evolving so quickly, it presents a unique 
opportunity to design security properly -- an opportunity we missed with 
the PC.”


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