[ISN] Deloitte releases Mumbai wireless security survey

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India Infoline News Service
October 10, 2008

Deloitte India conducted a wireless security survey [1] in the month of 
September for Mumbai.  Deloitte India released the results of this 
survey titled, "Wireless Security Survey." The survey was aimed at 
addressing the security risks in a wireless environment with special 
focus on Mumbai.

According to the survey, a large number of wireless networks exist in 
Mumbai with either no or limited protection that can be easily 
compromised.  Many of these networks do not have baseline security 
measures implemented such as changing default manufacturer device names, 
use of strong encryption mechanisms and passwords etc.
The key findings for the survey are:

* Of the 6729 wireless networks seen, 36% appeared to be unprotected 
  i.e. without any encryption,

* 52% were using low level of protection i.e. Wired Equivalent Privacy 
  (WEP) encryption.

* Balance 12% were using the more secure Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA). 
  This makes 88 % of the observed wireless networks relatively easy to 

“Wireless Networks are mushrooming all over the country especially among 
home users and SME segment.  Ease of use and affordability of plug and 
play devices are the key reasons for the increasing popularity of Wi-Fi. 
However the limited awareness related to security concerns and 
information regarding securing the devices has exposed users to 
potential misuse of unsecured Wireless Networks.  We believe that 
increasing awareness is the first step in securing these networks.  We 
intend to take this initiative to other cities and eventually across 
India” said Nitin Khanapurkar, Senior Director, Enterprise Risk 

The survey points out that the major risks that one might be exposed to 
including, unauthorized access to objectionable or banned sites, access 
to post objectionable material on websites, send threatening emails, 
extract bank account details causing monetary losses etc. This survey 
also provides guidelines for protecting wireless networks from 
unauthorized elements.  

[1] http://bcm-india.org/wifi.html

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