[ISN] Report: Russian Hacker Forums Fueled Georgia Cyber Attacks

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Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2008 01:30:14 -0500 (CDT)

By Brian Krebs 
Security Fix
The Washington Post
October 16, 2008

An exhaustive inquiry into August's cyber attacks on the former Soviet 
bloc nation of Georgia finds no smoking gun in the hands of the Russian 
government. But experts say evidence suggests that Russian officials did 
little to discourage the online assault, which was coordinated through a 
Russian online forum that appeared to have been prepped with target 
lists and details about Georgian Web site vulnerabilities well before 
the two countries engaged in a brief but deadly ground, sea and air war.

The findings come from an open source investigation launched by Project 
Grey Goose, a volunteer effort by more than 100 security experts from 
tech giants like Microsoft and Oracle, as well as former members of the 
Defense Intelligence Agency, Lexis-Nexis, the Department of Homeland 
Security and defense contractor SAIC, among others.

The group began its inquiry shortly after the cyber war disabled a large 
number of Georgia government Web sites. Starting with the Russian hacker 
forum Xaker.ru (hacker.ru), investigators found a posting encouraging 
would-be cyber militia members to enlist at a private, 
password-protected online forum called StopGeorgia.ru. Grey Goose 
principal investigator Jeff Carr said the administrators of the hacker 
forum were keenly aware that American cyber sleuths were poking around: 
Within hours after discovering the link to the StopGeorgia site, 
Xaker.ru administrators deleted the link and banned all access from 
U.S.-based Internet addresses.


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