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The DeepSec In Depth Security Conference is happy to announce the 
planned schedule for this year's event from November 11th to 14th 
in Vienna, Austria.

The schedule (which can be found at https://deepsec.net/schedule) covers a
range of topics including botnet analysis, web application security,
malware detection/analysis, legal and administrative issues, secure coding
and code review, hardware and firmware attacks, attacking/hardening
databases, social engineering, dealing with rich Internet applications
(RIAs) and, of course, the Digital Armageddon (coming soon to a server
near you).

Key speakers include:

 - Adam Laurie (http://rfidiot.org/)
 - Ivan Krstić (http://radian.org/)
 - Johnny Long (http://johnny.ihackstuff.com/)
 - Gadi Evron (http://gadievron.blogspot.com/)

In addition Matt Jonkman will present a new project about the development
of a next-generation intrusion detection and prevention engine. Feedback
of the community is highly welcome!

Registration is open at: https://deepsec.net/register/
Please make sure to book your tickets in time, we have only a _limited_

We also offer two days of in-depth workshops on selected topics, designed
for software developers, security researchers and sysadmins:

‣ Improving Code with Destructive Data (Heikki Kortti and Jukka Taimisto)
‣ Security Audit and Hardening of Java based Software (Marc Schoenefeld)
‣ The Exploit Laboratory (Saumil Udayan Shah)
‣ Design and Implementation of Security Awareness Campaigns (Stefan
  Schumacher) ‣ Advanced Malware Deobfuscation (Scott Lambert)
‣ Protocol and Traffic Analysis for Snort Signature (Matt Jonkman)
‣ Secure Application Coding for Enterprise Software (Vimal Patel)

The DeepSec IDSC is sponsored by CERT.at, Cisco, Microsoft, Sec Consult, 
Global Knowledge Austria/Germany and IronPort.

DeepSec Organisation Team.

Internet Access at the conference is provided by: http://www.nets.at/

DeepSec In-Depth Security Conference
November 11nd to 14th 2008, Vienna, Austria

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a new triple-track conference featuring 4 keynote 
speakers and over 35 international experts, this 
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