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By Vinay Madhav
The Times of India
29 Oct 2008

BANGALORE: Just a month ago, a Bangalore-based construction company lost 
a multi-crore tender by a thin margin. Baffled company officials vowed 
there was no way the rival firm could have come so near to their bid.

Soon, investigation proved them right and it was found the tender 
documents were leaked. The company was in a dilemma to find the mole. 
Only a few persons were aware of the tender details and they were the 
mosttrusted ones. Also, such an incident had never happened in the 

Computer forensic tests revealed somebody had accessed the Universal 
Serial Bus (USB) port to download the tender documents. What surprised 
the company's top heads was that one of their employees had used his 
iPod to download the data.

The data was then passed to the rival company for a price and to evade 
detection, the file was promptly deleted from the iPod. Investigators , 
however, retrieved it using advanced data-recovery software.


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