[ISN] Government's disaster-proof underground bunker

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By Amanda Dale 
The Royal Gazette
November 7. 2008

A top secret IT centre will ensure pensioners and civil servants receive 
payments in the aftermath of a disaster or hurricane.

The location of the Government facility is so under-wraps, Minister of 
Energy, Telecommunications and E-Commerce Terry Lister could only 
disclose it was "a number of miles from Hamilton".

Mr. Lister said he could not reveal the location of the centre for 
"security reasons".

"We can't tell you that," he told The Royal Gazette. "Because Bermuda is 
so small, one would know exactly where they are.

"The whole point to it is if our systems went down from sabotage we 
would have another site where no one knew where it was."

The Minister did disclose the costs of the facility – $44,000, plus 
staffing costs.

The "high-security processing site" is built from concrete to withstand 
hurricanes, with a generator for power outages. It will be manned by 
staff from a Bermudian IT company, which Mr. Lister also refused to 
disclose the details of, for "security reasons".


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