[ISN] Three security breaches is too many

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Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2008 05:51:14 -0600 (CST)

By The Alligator Editorial Board
November 13, 2008 

If you thought UF’s problems with technology began and ended with the 
unreliable ISIS system and the always–crashing UF WebMail, you thought 

Apparently UF’s computer servers play defense about as well as the 
Gators’ last five opponents. That’s right, we’ve been breached again.

To clear up any possible misunderstanding before it begins, the 
Editorial Board would like to emphasize that we aren’t budding computer 
engineers. We e–mail, we Facebook and we solitaire (sometimes spider) — 
we might not have the clearest understanding of the UF network.

It seems to us, though, that having three security breaches within the 
past six months, in tandem with the faulty WebMail system, paints a 
picture that says UF has a lot of information technology kinks to work 

UF’s College of Dentistry was targeted this time. The college’s server 
contained personal information on more than 344,000 patients. In 
accordance with the law regarding these kinds of problems, the college 
contacted everyone who may have been put at risk by the security breach.

If you think you’re at risk, check your e–mail. An empty inbox should 
relieve your fears.

The fact that UF is attacked via computer with success so often worries 
us a bit. We like our identities, and we don’t want anyone taking them.

OK, the last breach was a personal error, not the result of a hacker’s 
illegal intrusion. Still, that leaves two security breaches in the past 
six months, which doesn’t sit well with us.

We don’t have the answers for these perceived IT problems, but we hope 
someone around here does.

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