[ISN] Police officers among BNP members listed on web

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Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2008 01:04:27 -0600 (CST)

By Ian Cobain and Esther Addley
November 19 2008

The entire membership list of the British National party has been posted 
on the internet, identifying thousands of people as secret supporters of 
the far right and exposing many to the risk of dismissal from work, 
disciplinary action or vilification.

Around 13,500 names and home addresses were posted on a website late on 
Monday evening, apparently by a disgruntled member of the party's own 

As well as names and addresses the list includes the home and mobile 
phone numbers and personal email addresses of BNP members. It is thought 
that the list may include lapsed members of the party and the names and 
addresses of people who have expressed an interest in joining the party, 
but have not signed up. Many of the members' occupations are listed, 
revealing a small number of police officers, two solicitors, four 
ministers of religion, at least one doctor and a number of primary and 
secondary school teachers.

Last night the BNP's spokesman Simon Darby said the police had been 
called in to investigate the data security breach. Describing the 
posting as "malevolent and spiteful" he said: "This isn't a question of 
us mislaying the information, this is theft."

The BNP list also included the names and ages of children who have 
become members of the party after a parent has taken out a family 
membership, and several people who have joined the party at the age of 


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