[ISN] Sandwich loses nearly $50k to hacker

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Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2008 01:45:32 -0600 (CST)

By Milton J. Valencia
Globe Staff 
November 26, 2008 

The same type of data security breach that has menaced retail stores, 
restaurants, and other businesses has made its way into the Sandwich 
treasurer's office, where a hacker with possible international ties 
stole tens of thousands of dollars from town coffers in a complex 
computer-fraud scheme.

Sandwich officials have warned their counterparts in surrounding towns 
of the computer breach.

Police believe the hacker used a virus to attack Treasurer Craig Mayen's 
computer and implant a logger that monitored any keystrokes he entered. 
With technology similar to what is known as a sniffer, a device that 
tracks computer information, the hacker was able to record Mayen's 
security code and password as he typed them, and used that information 
to make withdrawals from town bank accounts.

The money was then transferred to four accounts - three in Florida and 
one in Georgia.

Police Chief Michael J. Miller said yesterday that Mayen discovered the 
breach two weeks ago, and notified police detectives. Investigators were 
able to determine that the scheme netted close to $50,000.


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