[ISN] account numbers of 21 million people illegally in circulation

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Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2008 00:12:37 -0600 (CST)

[Google translation from German to English.  - WK]


On the black market for personal data after searching the business week, 
the bank accounts of 21 million German citizens in circulation. Then, in 
extreme cases, three out of four households in Germany fear that money 
deducted from her checking account, without ever that they have given a 
direct debit.

Dusseldorf magazine was the gigantic amount of data for almost twelve 
million euros offered. A CD with 1.2 million customers received the 
Business Week as a model. In addition to the Personal details such as 
dates of birth include the records with the bank account number and bank 
code, in some cases even more detailed information on assets.

The Duesseldorf prosecutor in the week, the explosive economic data on 
Thursday passed, must now clarify how so many account numbers illegally 
in circulation could. According to Business Week first traces lead 
almost completely on small call center operators. To serve mainly to 
highly competitive mass markets such as telecommunications, power or 
cable television many suppliers almost exclusively external service 
providers and call centers. These receive the relevant customer data in 
part by the client. Turn the service providers for their subcontractors, 
lost control over the data sometime in nothingness.


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