[ISN] Microsoft website hit by hackers group

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Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2008 03:13:39 -0600 (CST)

By Dick O’Brien  
Sunday Business Post
December 14, 2008 

Microsoft Ireland has been forced to review its online security after 
the company’s Irish home page was hijacked by a group of hackers last 

Visitors to the microsoft.ie website last Tuesday were greeted with a 
message saying that the page had been hacked by a group calling itself 
the Terrorist Crew.

A spokesman for Microsoft Ireland said that the incident was being 
investigated by the Gardai but it was unable to release any information 
on whether there were any leads on the identity or motives of the 
hackers. The hijacked web page listed the online nicknames of seven 
members of the group. Web searches reveal that several members have 
claimed credit for numerous hacking attacks on corporate websites in 
recent years.

While some hackers do have financial motives for attacking websites, 
many attacks are little more than acts of vandalism intended to prove 
that their perpetrators have the prowess to breach security systems at 
high-profile firms. Microsoft stressed that none if its own systems had 
been compromised by the attack.


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