[ISN] Pak hacker attacks E Rlys site, threatens cyber war on India

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Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2008 02:34:55 -0600 (CST)

The Financial Express
Dec 25, 2008

Kolkata: In the first instance of cyber attack on Indian government 
websites, the attack on Eastern Railways site on Wednesday popped open 
vulnerability of government websites in the country.

While Eastern Railway took almost two and half hours to restore the site 
to normalcy, visitors to the site continued to be attacked by Trojan 
virus. ER officials could only primarily trace the roots to Toronto in 
Canada after repeated top-brass meetings all through the day.

As spotted by FE in the morning, the official site of the Eastern 
Railway-www.eastern railway.gov.in—was hacked on Wednesday. When opened, 
the scroll on the site— which normally consists of official 
announcements—had unusual notes. The first note read: “Cyber war has 
been declared on Indian cyberspace by Whackerz- Pakistan (24 Dec-2008).” 
This was followed by two other notes: “Indians hit hard by Zaid Hamid” 
and “We are f**ked up Indians. You are hacked.”

When clicked, the scroll opened into a new window which claimed that 
‘Mianwalian of Whackerz” has hacked the site in response to the air 
violation of Pakistan. It also claimed that it will continue to hack 
more Indian military and government sites. The threat note also claimed 
that servers of Indian financial institutions will also be hacked with 
the help of the group’s members working in computer departments of 
“foreign companies”. Data belonging to “Indian nationals (only Hindus)” 
will be destroyed eventually, it added.

Another threat note asked the visitors of the website to watch the real 
Indian conspiracy in Mumbai attacks on the website-www.brasstacks.pk. 
Brasstacks claims to be “a unique Pakistani think tank devoted to the 
study of regional and global political events and their implications for 
Pakistan’s security and interests.” The note ended with the slogan “Long 
live Pakistan”.

The third note, which showed the hackers’ apathy towards India, Israel 
and USA, challenged Indians to save their ‘motherland’ from turning into 

When contacted, ER officials seemed unaware of the entire incident and 
the site remained as it is for almost an hour, till 11.40am, after which 
ER blocked it. The website resumed to normalcy after 12, when the threat 
notes in the scroll as well as in the news and events section were 

“Our sites have cyber security certificate from US-based Thawte,” said 
an ER official. “We have informed the service provider and will get a 
detailed response from them only after 24 hours,” he added.


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