Re: [ISN] Heartland calls for payments industry encryption standard

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On Wed, 28 Jan 2009, InfoSec News wrote:

: By Warwick Ashford
: 27 Jan 2009
: The head of Heartland Payment Systems, which washit by a massive data 
: breach last year, has called for industry collaboration to combat 
: cyber-crime attacks.

: "I believe that had we known the details about previous intrusions, we 
: might have found and prevented the problem we learned of last week," 
: Carr said.
: [...]

Great! I'm glad to hear Mr. Carr is all about sharing information. I 
take it to mean that we will get the full story about what happened at 
Heartland first, to show that he is serious about sharing information. 
Afterall, by his reasoning, if he shares this type of information with 
the world, then he may help prevent another intrusion like it.

While Mr. Carr gathers his notes, he can look over at for a great place for information on previous 
incidents. If only he had looked at it before.

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