[ISN] On the trail of the Analyzer: How one of the world's most notorious hackers ended up in a Canadian jail cell

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By Richard Cuthbertson
Canwest News Service
February 17, 2009

CALGARY - A decade ago he became a cult hero for hacking into the U.S. 
Pentagon's computer systems.

Today, Ehud Tenenbaum is languishing behind bars in a Calgary jail cell, 
where he has been held for six months and has thought about killing 

``I feel I am in jail inside of jail,'' Tenenbaum wrote last September 
to officials at Calgary Remand Centre. ``I can't even sleep with the 
sleeping pills.''

He has shared a cell with two other inmates and slept on a mattress next 
to the toilet, the same place where he ate his meals. A practicing Jew, 
he was denied kosher food and lost weight.

He has contemplated methods of suicide in detail, according to a 

Tenenbaum is facing charges accusing him of masterminding a global 
operation that hacked into financial institutions across North America.

Police allege he helped manipulate and steal credit and debit card 
information, ferrying the data to accomplices in what investigators say 
was a highly organized criminal conspiracy that stole millions of 

But how did he get here? How did one of the world's a computer hackers 
who once drew even the admiration of an Israeli prime minister find 
himself living in a a 2.5-by-3.5-metre cell?

His story starts with a knock on the door of his family's home in Hod 
HaSharon, a city a few kilometres northeast of Tel Aviv, one morning in 


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