[ISN] Former Teen Stock Swindler Hit With New Hacking Charges

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Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2009 02:06:36 -0600 (CST)

By Kevin Poulsen 
Threat Level
March 30, 2009

A former teenage hacker who served prison time for an online 
stock-trading scheme is back in jail again, after allegedly gaining 
administrative access to a New York-based currency exchange service and 
gifting himself more than $100,000.

Van T. Dinh, now 25, was charged (.pdf) Friday with two counts of 
computer fraud in federal court in Manhattan.

The Pennsylvania-based Dinh gained notoriety in 2003, when, as a 
19-year-old stock trader, he found a novel way to unload a bad 
investment in thousands of worthless stock derivatives: He hacked into 
another trader's account, and bought the options from his own account.

The gambit made Dinh the first person charged by Securities and Exchange 
Commission with a fraud involving both computer hacking and identity 
theft. He was sentenced in 2004 to 13 months in prison, followed by 
three years of supervised release.


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