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              *** DEADLINE EXTENSION ***

                     CSI-KDD 2009

                ACM SIGKDD Workshop on
      CyberSecurity and Intelligence Informatics
              Held in conjunction with KDD
               Paris, France, June 28, 2009

     New Submission Deadline: *May 3rd, 2009, 23.59, Samoa time (GMT-11)*

              URL: http://www.csi-kdd.org/

Computer supported communication and infrastructure are integral parts 
of modern economy. Their security is of incredible importance to a wide 
variety of practical domains ranging from Internet service providers to 
the banking industry and e-commerce, from corporate networks to the 
intelligence community.

Of interest to this workshop are novel knowledge discovery methods 
addressing these issues as well as innovative applications demonstrating 
the effectiveness of data mining in solving real-world security 
problems. The challenge for novel methods originates from the emergence 
of new types of contents and protocols, and only an integrated view on 
all modes promises optimal results. Innovative applications are 
essential as IT-communication as well as computer-supported technical 
and social infrastructure have an extremely complex structure and 
require a comprehensive approach to prevent criminal activities.

Topics of Interest Novel Knowledge Discovery Methods for the Security 

    * Knowledge discovery integrating heterogeneous data sources, such 
      as text, web-sites, program code, video, audio, biometrics, and 

    * Knowledge discovery for the joint detection, monitoring or 
      understanding of intrusion, deception, fraud and criminal 

    * Advanced data mining approaches for spam and phishing detection, 
      and filtering of web pages to discover illegal content.

    * Active, adaptive or anticipatory knowledge discovery approaches to 
      keep filters up to date.

    * Data and graph mining of network structures and communication 

    * Adversarial knowledge discovery, e.g. for randomized/perturbed 

    * Knowledge discovery for the attack attribution problem, e.g. by 
      the analysis of traffic, log and protocol under the umbrella of 
      e-forensics techniques.

    * Quantification of threats imposed by data mining techniques to 
      privacy/security and possible remedies like privacy preserving 
      multi-party data mining.

    * Knowledge discovery techniques applied to malware analysis or to 
      any contextual information related to the malware problem.

Innovative Techniques and Applications in Intelligence Informatics:

    * Terrorism Informatics: terrorism knowledge portals and database, 
      forecasting and countering terrorism, terrorism root cause 
      analysis and social network analysis.

    * Infrastructure protection: public health and bioterrorism 
      information infrastructure, transportation and communication 
      infrastructure, border safety, intrusion detection.

    * Emergency response: disaster prevention, detection and management, 
      communication and decision support for search and rescue.

    * Criminal data mining and network analysis, intelligence-related 
      knowledge discovery.

    * Deception and intent detection, authorship analysis and 

    * Cyber-crime detection and analysis, web-based intelligence 
      monitoring and analysis.

    * Criminal/intelligence information sharing, visualization, policy 
      and governance.

    * Enterprise risk management and information system security: fraud 
      detection, accounting and IT auditing, corporate sentiment 
      surveillance, market influence analytics and media intelligence.

The workshop will bring together researchers working on advanced data 
mining approaches for CyberSecurity as well as large-scale security 
applications. In addition we anticipate practitioners from large 
enterprises, internet service providers, law enforcement and 
intelligence experts, and government agencies who want to be informed 
about the state of the art in CyberSecurity and Intelligence 
Informatics. Finally the workshop may be of interest to general data 
mining researchers, who want to apply their techniques to this domain.


Dr. Gerhard Paass
Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems (IAIS)
Schloss Birlinghoven
53754 Sankt Augustin
Department Knowledge Discovery,
email: gerhard.paass (at) iais.fraunhofer.de
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