[ISN] Officials: North is operating cyber warfare unit targeting Korea, U.S.

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Date: Wed, 6 May 2009 01:03:00 -0500 (CDT)

May 06, 2009

North Korea operates a cyber warfare unit that seeks to disrupt South 
Korean and U.S. military networks and visits U.S. military sites more 
frequently than any other country, intelligence sources in Seoul said 

The General Staff of the North’s Korean People’s Army has for years been 
operating a “technology reconnaissance team,” which is exclusively in 
charge of collecting information and disrupting military computer 
networks in South Korea and the U.S., the sources said, on condition of 

Roughly 100 hackers, mostly graduates of a leading military academy in 
Pyongyang, work on the team, hacking into South Korean and U.S. computer 
networks, downloading classified information and establishing combat 
simulations, they said.

“This unit tries to take control of South Korean and U.S. military 
information systems by hacking into their computer networks and taking 
out classified data. When necessary, they may spread computer viruses to 
disrupt the networks,” one of the sources said.

After years of tracking countries that access U.S. military Web sites 
and networks, the U.S. military has found that users inside North Korea 
logged on most frequently.

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