[ISN] Royal chauffeur 'who allowed reporters to sit in the Queen's Bentley' is suspended

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Date: Tue, 26 May 2009 03:41:06 -0500 (CDT)

By Rebecca English
24th May 2009

Buckingham Palace was forced to launch an urgent security review today 
by the Queen who was furious after a royal chauffeur took a £1,000 bribe 
from undercover reporters for access to her fleet of limousines.

Former army officer Brian Sirjusingh, who lives in a grace-and-favour 
apartment in the Royal Mews, brought the two men into the heart of the 
palace without any security checks and gave them a guided tour of the 
monarch's fleet of official cars.

In a deal set up by a £200-an-hour Lithuanian escort girl who is also 
allowed unfettered access to the Palace, he encouraged the News of the 
World journalists, who were posing as wealthy Middle Eastern 
businessmen, to sit on the back seat of her Bentley, bragging: 'That's 
where the Queen sits.'

The incident is a terrible embarrassment to Scotland Yard's Royalty and 
Diplomatic Protection Squad who claimed to have put stringent checks in 
place following a string of security breaches.


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