[ISN] Security pros find cyberspace review lacking

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Date: Tue, 9 Jun 2009 04:05:10 -0500 (CDT)

By Jabulani Leffall
Jun 08, 2009

The Cyberspace Policy Review unveiled last month by President Barack 
Obama, and the creation of a new cybersecurity coordinator position, 
though a positive step, is lacking in the details, according to several 
industry security experts.

The 76-page Cyberspace Policy Review report (PDF) [1] found that 
America's current architecture in the public and private sector lacks 
both "security and resilience."

"Without major advances in the security of these systems or significant 
change in how they are constructed or operated, it is doubtful that the 
United States can protect itself from the growing threat of cyber crime 
and state-sponsored intrusions and operations," the report said.

Software security experts already working in the trenches had a few 
pointers to add.

Chris Schwartzbauer, senior vice president of Shavlik Technologies, said 
via e-mail that the report doesn't have "enough focus on where the 
threat is coming from, nor [on] reducing the response time to those 
threats." Such a focus would better help with any defensive measures 
taken, he added.

[1] http://www.whitehouse.gov/assets/documents/Cyberspace_Policy_Review_final.pdf


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