[ISN] Iran's emerging 'netwar'

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Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2009 05:36:09 -0500 (CDT)

By Paul Jay
CBC News
June 16, 2009

As protests in Iran in the aftermath of the national election enter 
their fourth day, social messaging tools such as Twitter have emerged as 
new sources of information, even though the site itself has been blocked 
in Iran.

Citizen Lab, which operates out of the University of Toronto's Munk 
Centre for International Studies, is one of many groups making software 
available that allows citizens in Iran to sign on to a server that gives 
them secure access to web pages anywhere, bypassing government 
restrictions while allowing access to services such as Twitter.

The organization, led by director Ron Deibert, is perhaps best known for 
its work with the Ottawa-based think-tank SecDev Group in uncovering 
what they called GhostNet — a spy network based in China that had 
infiltrated more than a thousand computers belonging to government 
departments and other organizations in 103 countries.

Greg Walton is the editor of the Information Warfare Network, a joint 
project of The SecDev Group, Citizen Lab and the Advanced Network 
Research Group and part of the Cambridge Security Programme in the U.K. 
During the last few days, Walton has been in charge of the Citizen Lab's 
Twitter outreach in Iran, offering software access to people in Iran 
through Twitter to help them view banned content. CBC News reached 
Walton by email to find out how Iran's conflict has spread online.


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