[ISN] Quick Moderators Note & Donate to the USO!

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Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2009 04:46:10 -0500 (CDT)
I just wanted to drop a quick note here, last Monday when I mentioned we 
were having some technical difficulties, it came down to operator 
fatigue, and nothing wrong with the network.

While waiting on other projects to pop, I volunteer one overnight 
(or more) a week with the USO at O'Hare airport.

In case you didn't know, the mission of the USO is to enhance the 
quality of life of the U.S. Armed Forces personnel and their families 
worldwide and to create a cooperative relationship between U.S. military 
communities and involved or supporting civilian communities. For more 
information, please check out http://www.uso.org/

So last Friday morning Chicago had its 14th most rainy day on the record 
books and I was volunteering at the USO, my basement flooded, as did a 
number of my neighbors, O'Hare turned into a zoo with canceled flights, 
so with my basement underwater I took on the Saturday morning overnight 
shift from midnight on and stayed until at 10am and came back again for 
another four hours in the afternoon. In 72 hours I had worked at the USO 
for 24 of them.

Sunday I found myself cleaning my basement, parting out old waterlogged 
computers that would have eventually made up a few more boxes in my lab. 
I really was in no condition to look for news, so I took a little break
from InfoSec News to recuperate.

Which brings us to the second part of this note, I have been playing 
around with Twitter, I am fairly easy to find, but most of the comments 
are about me working the 0 dark 30 shift and where the USO is if anyone 
is searching for it on Twitter. Because of which a few of my followers 
have donated to the USO, Attrition.org comes to mind since they were 
generous enough to donate $50.00 to the USO!

Here are two links to donate online to the USO, there is the national 
link and the USO of Illinois, likewise there's information on both sites 
to either mail a donation or by phone.

USO World Headquarters

USO of Illinois

If money is tight, I should also add that most USO's are actively 
looking for more volunteers, even if its for a few hours every other 
week! Check the USO homepage for a USO center close to you for 
volunteer opportunities.

Thanks again!

William Knowles
@ InfoSec News

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