[ISN] Wanted: A Smokey Bear for cybersecurity

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Date: Thu, 3 Dec 2009 00:43:00 -0600 (CST)

By Amber Corrin
Dec 02, 2009

Cybersecurity has become more than a homeland security issue; it has 
become a national lifestyle issue that hinges on raising education at 
the individual level, a panel of information security experts said 

"If the U.S. is going to continue to be a center of innovation in the 
world, we need to up our game. and get on par with the science, 
engineering and technology schooling of China and India, according to 
Richard Schaffer, information assurance director at the National 
Security Agency.

"It's a U.S. problem; it.s a challenge that, [if left] unmet, is going 
to put us in a dangerous situation in 10 or 20 years when we can't 
afford to be in second place. We never want to be in second place," 
Schaffer added.

Beyond formal education, U.S. cybersecurity strategy needs to develop a 
public awareness campaign that permeates the workplace, schools and 
homes -- much like the development of Smokey Bear in the 1970s to 
promote fire safety, panelists said.

"This [campaign] needs to include secretaries, administrators, 
front-line people who have no idea [about technology and cyberspace] - 
not just front line cyber operators," said Adam Meyers, an SRA 
International information assurance principal who currently works with 
the State Department.


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