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Thought I would pass this on to everyone on InfoSec News, it’s the 
follow up to the announcement of DHS getting authority to hire up to 
1,000 more people in security.

-- Jeff Moss


DHS Holds Virtual Job Fair to Expand Cyber Workforce

Secretary Napolitano on Friday announced the launch of a virtual job 
fair at www.dhs.gov/cyberjobfair to recruit cybersecurity experts --
capitalizing on the department’s recently acquired authority to recruit 
and hire up to 1,000 cybersecurity professionals over the next three 

Through the virtual job fair, DHS is looking for applicants with 
experience in cyber risk and strategic analysis; malware/vulnerability 
analysis; incident response; exercise facilitation and management; 
vulnerability detection and assessment; intelligence analysis; and 
cyber-related infrastructure interdependency analysis.

The new hiring authority, which results from a collaborative effort 
between DHS, the Office of Personnel Management, and the Office of 
Management and Budget, streamlines the hiring process to allow the 
department to hire up to 1,000 positions over three years across DHS to 
fulfill critical cybersecurity roles. Although DHS does not anticipate 
the need to fill all 1,000 positions, this cap reflects the Obama 
administration's commitment to building a world-class cyber organization 
and competing for the nation's top cybersecurity talent.

"Effective cybersecurity is a shared responsibility between individuals, 
communities, government and the private sector to protect our cyber 
networks from terrorism and intrusion," said Secretary Napolitano. "The 
virtual job fair will help us recruit top cyber analysts, developers and 
engineers to serve their country by leading the nation's defenses 
against cyber threats."

More information about this is available at 

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