[ISN] SECART - Second International Workshop on Security and Artificial Intelligence - Atlanta, Georgia, USA, July 11, 2010

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SECART - Second International Workshop on Security and Artificial 
Intelligence Atlanta, Georgia, USA, July 11, 2010


Our increasingly networked world continues to provide new opportunities 
for security breaches that have severe consequences at the personal 
level (identity theft, and resulting financial losses), for businesses 
(theft of intellectual property, or business plans, or costly responses 
to the theft of customer data), and for governments. Computing and the 
internet have become crucial parts of the infrastructure of almost every 
significant commercial or governmental enterprise. Turning off the 
computers or disconnecting from the network has become tantamount to 
turning off the power.  The use of techniques drawn from AI is 
increasingly relevant as the scale of the problem increases, in terms of 
the size and complexity of the networks being protected, the variety of 
applications and services provided using that infrastructure, and the 
sophistication of the attacks being made. With this workshop, we hope to 
encourage dialogue and collaboration between the AI and Security 
communities.  Previous events in this area include the ICAPS-09 workshop 
on Intelligent Security, as well as ones held in conjunction with the 
ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security, in 2008 and 

Workshop themes include both applied and theoretical results regarding 
the application of AI techniques to security problems (or, 
alternatively, novel security issues caused by the use of AI 
techniques).  Possible topics include but are not limited to the 

 *  Knowledge Representation and Engineering for Cyber Security
 *  Secure Web Services
 *  Development of Trusted Software
 *  Data Mining and Forensics
 *  Automated Vulnerability Analysis
 *  Automated Exploit and Attack Generation
 *  Automated Alerting and Response
 *  Diagnosis and Plan Recognition
 *  Automating Security Analyses and Audits
 *  Artificial Immune Systems
 *  Privacy and Confidentiality
 *  Intelligent User Interfaces for Security Applications
 *  Security and Organizational Structure 



     Mark Boddy 
       Adventium Labs  
       Minneapolis, USA 

     Stefan Edelkamp 
       University Bremen, Germany  

     Robert P. Goldman 
       SIFT, LLC  
       Minneapolis, USA  

Program Committee:
         Lee Badger (NIST, US)
         Bob Balzer (Teknowledge, US) 
         Mark Boddy (Adventium Labs, US)
         Cas Cremers (ETH, Switzerland)
         Stefan Edelkamp (U Bremen, G)
         Chris Geib (U Edinburgh, GB)
         Robert P. Goldman (SIFT, US)
         Rachel Greenstadt (Drexel U, US)
         Henry Kautz (U of Rochester, US)
         Alessio Lomuscio (IC London, GB)
         Norbert Pohlmann (IF(IS), G)
         Anil Somayaji (Carleton U, CA)
         Shannon Spires (Sandia Labs, US)
         Tim Strayer (BBN Technologies, US)
         Karsten Sohr (TZI Bremen, G)
         Dan Thomsen (SIFT and CDA, US)
         Luca Vigano (U Verona, I) 
         Yacine Zemali (LIFO, FR) 

      Deadline for submissions:   March 29, 2010
      Notification of acceptance: April 15, 2010
      Final versions due:         May 4, 2010

Submission instructions: Articles in pdf format of up to 8 pages in AAAI 
plain article style are to be submitted to the Easy Chair 
(https://www.easychair.org/login.cgi?conf=secart10) system by the 
deadline above.

Publication details: Informal proceedings of the workshop will be 
published by and made available to all workshop participants on the day.  
Depending on the nature of the submissions received, we may consider a 
more formal post-workshop publication.

Format/Fees: The workshop will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, on July 
11 or 12th 2010, as a one-day workshop associated with AAAI-10. Details 
of attendance fees will be posted as they become available from AAAI.  
In the past, AAAI has permitted workshop-only registrations.

SECART is affilliated with AAAI-10

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