[ISN] Cult of Cyberwar Chieftain Admits Cult Has Overdone It

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Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 00:03:58 -0600 (CST)

By George Smith

One of the headmen of the Cult of Cyberwar, James Lewis of the Center 
for Strategic and International Studies, admits the cult has overdone it 
in recent months.

This in a short essay, "The Cyber War Has Not Begun," here.

Lewis writes:

    No nation has launched a cyber war or cyber attack against the 
    United States ... Pronouncements that we are in a cyber war or face 
    cyber terror conflate problems and make effective response more 

This is a bit like seeing the town whore swearing she'll attend regular 
meetings of the Church Universal and Triumphant. One can't help but be 
impressed - but only in a jaundiced way - wondering how long this 
'conversion' will last.

Lewis, readers have seen, has been one of the chieftains of the Cult of 
Cyberwar. And DD blog's survey of citations of his name, and a few 
others, in media databases over the past few months shows his footprint 

Here is the unscientific master list, taken from a search on 
cybersecurity/cyberwar through newspaper databases over the past year, 
current only to January 19:


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