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Top secret IDF base exposed on Facebook.
Israeli soldiers who served at one of the country.s most secretive bases 
have set up a group on the social networking site Facebook, in what has 
been called a serious security breach. The page allows veterans of the 
base to upload photos and videos of their shared experiences, and has 
attracted 265 members.

To see content, and the list of members, a visitor must request to join 
the group and be approved by its administrators. However the group 
itself, which is advertised using the Hebrew expression "There are 
things hidden from us, which we will never know or understand," is 
accessible to anyone surfing the web.

"Give respect," the group's description reads. "The group with the 
highest quality enlisted folks on Facebook."

A reporter for the daily Yedioth Aharonot was accepted to the group 
without his identity being cross checked against a list of soldiers 
connected with the base. He copied a number of the posts on the group's 

"Guys, we were privileged to get to be in this fantastic place," wrote 
one member. "Keep in touch and protect the secret."

"Whomever didn't experience this place missed out a lot in his life, 
that's for sure," wrote another.

While the participants uploaded many photos of themselves inside the 
base, potentially damaging photos of soldiers doing sensitive work was 
not found on the group's Facebook page and several members posted 
reminders on the group's wall not to upload sensitive material.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity for fear of retribution, an 
Israeli soldier intimately involved in the army's cyber operations said 
the group is one example of many serious security breaches by Israeli 
soldiers in online social networks.


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