[ISN] Finally -- a hacking conference just for kids!

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By Paul F. Roberts 
July 12, 2010

Technology enthusiasts and the ranks of the curious have been trying for 
years to rescue the term "hacker" from its pejorative meaning. A new 
conference that will teach kids the wonders of hacking may be one sign 
that such efforts are paying off.

Hackid is a new conference designed to "raise awareness and 
understanding of technology, mathematics, and engineering and the impact 
on society and culture." (Disclosure: I've volunteered my time to help 
with the Hackid Boston event, but haven't formally been involved in 
organizing the conference.) The conference, scheduled for October 9 and 
10 in Boston, is the brainchild of Chris Hoff, author of the Rational 
Survivability blog and Director of Cloud and Virtualization Solutions at 
Cisco Systems.

Hoff has said that he was inspired to start Hackid after taking his kids 
along to the recent Source Boston event, a security conference that's 
pretty dry and corporate. By contrast, spirited shows like Defcon -- 
where clinics on physical lock-picking and high-tech games of Capture 
the Flag are the main attractions -- provide ample inspiration for a 
"hacking curriculum" that can truly engage kids, especially in a world 
where educational policies like No Child Left Behind have put the focus 
in classrooms on remedial learning in reading, writing, and math, while 
draining resources from exciting, interdisciplinary learning.


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