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YSTS 5th Edition

Sao Paulo, Brazil

May 16th, 2011

Call for Papers Opens: November 1st 2010
Call for Papers Close:     February 28th 2011


Following the success of previous editions, the 5th edition of the you 
Sh0t the Sheriff security conference will happen on May, 16th, 2011 in 
Sao Paulo, Brazil. This is your chance to speak about that cool research 
you’ve been working on, to those whom matter in the Brazilian 
Information Security realm.


you Sh0t the Sheriff is a very unique, one-day, event dedicated to 
bringing cutting edge talks to the top-notch professionals of the 
Information Security Community in Brazil.

The conference’s main goal is to bring the attendees to the most 
up-to-date state of the information security world by mixing 
professionals and topics from different Infosec segments of the market.

yStS is a very exclusive, mostly invite-only security con. Getting a 
talk accepted, will, not only get you to the event, but after you 
successfully present your talk, you will receive a challenge-coin that 
guarantees your entry to yStS for as long as the conference exists.

Due to the great success of the previous years' editions, yes, we're 
keeping the same format:

* YSTS 5 will be held at an almost secret location only announced to 
  whom it may concern a couple of weeks before the con
* the venue will be, most likely, a club or a bar
* cool environment to network with great security folks from Brazil and 
* since it’s a 1 day con with tons of talks, we provide coffee, lunch 
  and an open-bar in the afternoon


Anything Information Security related is interesting for the conference, 
although we do not accept commercial/ product-related talks.

Just in case you need some ideas, some of the stuff that would be 
interesting to us are:

 * Operating Systems
 * Career and Management topics
 * Mobile Devices/Embedded Systems
 * Information Security Audit and Control
 * Social Networking and Search Engine Hacks & Threats
 * Information Security Policies
 * Privacy
 * Messing with Network Protocols
 * Security from layer 1 through 7
 * 802.11 Wireless and any RF related stuff for that matter
 * Authentication
 * Crypto
 * Incident Response & other applicable (and useful) Infosec Policies
 * Information Warfare
 * Malware
 * Botnets
 * Secure Programming
 * Hacker Spaces
 * Application and Protocol Fuzzing
 * Physical Security
 * Virtualization
 * Webapp Security
 * DataBase Security
 * "the" Cloud
 * Cryptography
 * System Weaknesses
 * Infrastructure and Critical Systems
 * Social Engineering
 * Reverse Engineering
 * Social Reverse Engineering
 * Reversing Social Engineering
 * Caipirinha and Feijoada Hacks
 * and everything else information security related that our attendees 
   would enjoy

We do like shorter talks, so, please submit your talks and remember they 
must be 30 minutes long. (yes, we do strictly enforce that)

We’re also opened to some 15-minute talks, some of the smart people 
around might not need 30 minutes to deliver a message, or it might be a 
project that has been just kicked-off.
15 minutes might be your thing and that's nothing to be ashamed about.

you Sh0t the Sheriff is the perfect conference to release your new
projects, trust us, other people have released cool stuff before they
presented it at the big cons.
And yes, we do prefer new hot-topics and, yes, "first-time" speakers
are more than welcome.
If you got good stuff to speak about, that's all that matters.

(and, that applies only to the 30 minute-long talks)

* USD 1,000.00 to help covering travel expenses for international speakers
* Breakfast, lunch and dinner during conference
* Pre-and-post-conference official party (and the unofficial ones as well)
* Auditing products in traditional Brazilian barbecue restaurants
* Life-time free admission for all future yStS conferences (yes, if you 
  've spoken before at yStS, you have your free-entry guaranteed, just 
  buy us a beer, ohh, wait, it's free anyways, isn't it?)


Each paper submission must include the following information:

 * Name, title, address, email and phone/contact number
 * Short biography and qualification
 * Speaking experience
 * Do you need or have a visa to come to Brasil?
 * Summary or abstract for your presentation
 * is it a 30 minute or a 15 minute talk?
 * Technical requirements (others than LCD Projector)
 * Other publications or conferences where this material has been or 
   will be published/submitted.


Final CFP Submission - February 28th, 2011
Final Notification of Acceptance - March 20th, 2011
Final Material Submission for accepted presentations - May 5th, 2011

All submissions must be sent via email, in text format only to: cfp/at/ysts.org


Paper Submissions:        cfp/at/ysts.org
General Inquiries:        b0ard/at/ysts.org
Sponsorship Inquiries:    sponsors/at/ysts.org


website www.ysts.org
video channel http://ysts.blip.tv/
twitter @ystscon
official twitter hashtag #ysts

We hope to see you there!

Luiz Eduardo & Nelson Murilo & Willian Caprino

Tegatai Managed Colocation: Four Provider Blended
Tier-1 Bandwidth, Fortinet Universal Threat Management,
Natural Disaster Avoidance, Always-On Power Delivery 
Network, Cisco Switches, SAS 70 Type II Datacenter. 
Find peace of mind, Defend your Critical Infrastructure.
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