[ISN] Who's Inside the New U.S. Cyber Command?

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Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2010 01:20:50 -0600 (CST)

By David Kushner  
IEEE Spectrum
November 08, 2010

Last Wednesday, the Department of Defense finally announced that the 
"U.S. Cyber Command has achieved full operational capability."  The 
Cyber Command will be "responsible for directing activities to operate 
and defend DoD networks," the release stated.

While we've heard a lot about the threat of cyber warfare, and the need 
for greater security, we haven't heard much about the people on the 
front line.  Who are the cyberwarriors, and what will they do?  I had an 
early glimpse into this world when I visited the provisional Cyber 
Command at Barksdale Air Force Base in Shreveport, Louisiana.

One morning, I drove in with three cyberwarriors to accompany them on 
the job.   Just before six thirty they filed into the Cyber Command, 
past the guard dog sign, slipped on their headsets, and stared into the 
wall of flashing screens. They would stay here for eight hours.  Their 
hours rotated including a recurring graveyard shift.

When trouble happened, the guys snapped into action with expert 
precision, rapidly assimilating the attack and simultaneously 
dispatching orders to the other cyber warriors.  Lackland Air Force Base 
near San Antonia, Texas housed a large supporting team of cyber 
warriors.  Often the guys’ order was the same:  shut down the computer 
system being attacked, and find someway to reroute it.   Mouse-skills 
were essential.  “If you hesitate for a second,” one cyber warrior told 
me, “that could be the difference in a base going down.”


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