[ISN] The Cold War: Then and now

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Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2010 01:33:39 -0600 (CST)

By Robert Mullins 
Microsoft Tech
Network World

When Dickie George of the National Security Agency says, "This is life 
and death and about our freedom and our way of life," he’s not talking 
about the Soviet Union firing nuclear missiles at the U.S. or 
infiltrating our government with spies bent on subversion. He’s talking 
about cyber criminals hacking into personal, business or government 
computers, stealing information, intellectual property and/or money.

George is the Information Assurance Technical Director at the NSA and 
compared the threats of the current cyber cold war to the Cold War 
between the U.S. and Soviet Union in a webcast Wednesday hosted by RSA 
Conference, the network security industry convention held twice annually 
in the U.S. and Europe, which I cover for news about Microsoft. I found 
the parallels interesting and provocative.

George says fighting today’s cyber cold war depends on building the best 
security into computer technology, continuous monitoring of networks for 
threats, and the adoption of security that is transparent to the end 
user. "When we do this we can make the nation a much harder target," he 

The "threat adversary model" between today’s cyber war and the Cold War 
that raged from the end of World War II until the collapse of the Soviet 
Union in 1991 share six common characteristics, George said: 
Capabilties; resources; intent; motivation; access; and risk aversion.


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