[ISN] Anonymous Member Says Palantir Not Off the Hook

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Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2011 01:08:16 -0600 (CST)

By Kelly Jackson Higgins
Mar 01, 2011

Fallout from the Anonymous group's cyberattack on security firm HBGary 
Federal just keeps on coming: Anonymous is cranking up the pressure on 
another security vendor whose name came up in the leaked emails from 
HBGary Federal -- Palantir Technologies.

Meanwhile, the case has grabbed the attention of Capitol Hill. Rep. Hank 
Johnson, D-Ga., and a dozen other members of Congress have called for a 
Congressional investigation into alleged activities of law firm Hunton & 
Williams and HBGary, Berico, and Palantir, citing the contents of leaked 
emails from HBGary Federal that went public after the security firm was 
attacked by Anonymous. Johnson and his colleagues say the emails 
indicate a conspiracy to attack critics of the Chamber of Commerce using 
"subversive techniques" and "possible illegal actions against citizens 
engaged in free speech," according to a report in The Washington Post.

It all started last month when Anonymous broke into HBGary Federal's 
servers, as well as that of CEO Aaron Barr's Twitter account, in 
apparent retaliation for Barr's investigative research into the group 
and its leaders. Barr had told The Financial Times that he was able to 
get the names of some of the leaders of Anonymous, as well as some 
information on their locations -- in California, the U.K., Germany, The 
Netherlands, Italy, and Australia, he said. That didn't go over well 
with Anonymous, which then hacked and dumped the contents of the firm's 
email messages and other sensitive information online, and commandeered 
Barr's Twitter account and posted his Social Security number and 

The HBGary Federal emails posted online by Anonymous indicated plans to 
attack WikiLeaks and writer Glenn Greenwald, a WikiLeaks supporter, 
using some apparently questionable methods. The emails suggested that 
the project was for a proposal that was aimed at Bank of America, via 
its law firm, Hunton & Williams. Bank of America has denied any 
knowledge of the proposal.


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