[ISN] How N.Korean Hackers Could Inflict Maximum Damage

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Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2011 05:46:53 -0600 (CST)

Mar. 09, 2011

Friday's GPS jamming and cyber attacks, which are suspected to be the 
work of North Korea, have led to a flood of speculation among experts 
about possible future provocations by the North. Some now fear that it 
could resort simultaneous cyber attacks against South Korean power, 
traffic, communication, military and other state infrastructure.

South Korea's international security ambassador Nam Joo-hong said 
Pyongyang "is trying to prove its superiority in real space with nuclear 
weapons while boosting electronic warfare in cyber space." The North 
Korea has been training up a hacker squad since 1986.

The government believes North Korea was behind a so-called distributed 
denial-of-service attack and jammed GPS signals in some parts of South 
Korea. Some fear the attacks could even be the first stage of an all-out 
cyber war. How ready is the South for the threat? 


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