[ISN] Sony Brings In Forensic Experts On Data Breaches

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Date: Fri, 6 May 2011 02:06:30 -0500 (CDT)

By Mathew J. Schwartz 
May 05, 2011 

Sony said that it's called in three computer security and forensics 
firms to help investigate the data breaches that compromised the user 
account information of more than 100 million of its customers. The firms 
named by Sony are Data Forte, Guidance Software, and Protiviti.

Sony brought in some of those digital forensic investigators--and also 
notified the FBI about the breach--on April 22, the day after its 
network engineers first suspected that its systems had been breached. As 
the scale of the breach became apparent, growing to include not only the 
PlayStation Network and Qriocity service, but also the Sony Online 
Entertainment games service, Sony began calling in the other forensics 

But government officials--and not a few customers--have been critical 
about what they see as Sony's slow response to resolving the breach and 
restoring services, and political pressure is mounting. According to 
Bloomberg News, Sony has been subpoenaed by New York attorney general 
Eric Schneiderman, who is "seeking information on what Sony told 
customers about the security of their networks, as part of a consumer 
protection inquiry."

So, what exactly are Sony and its digital forensic investigators doing, 
and why haven't services been restored yet? "My guess right now is 
they're still trying, to a certain extent, to determine what happened," 
said Alex Cox, principal research analyst at NetWitness, which sells 
network-monitoring appliances. "When you talk intrusion analysis and 
breach analysis, it's a pretty specialized skill set and typically one 
that companies don't have internally. Because hopefully, it's infrequent 
enough that people don't need to have their own internal teams. But the 
fact that Sony is bringing in outside help tells me that they don't have 
the staffing."


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