[ISN] Mossad carries out daring London raid on Syrian official

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By Duncan Gardham
Security Correspondent
The Telegraph
15 May 2011

The original plan was apparently to assassinate the official and Israel 
only averted what would have been a huge diplomatic rift with Britain, 
when they decided the target was more valuable alive than dead.

The operation involved at least 10 undercover agents on the streets of 
Britain and led directly to a controversial bombing raid into Syrian 
territory that destroyed a nuclear reactor that was under construction.

It closely mirrored the assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, a senior 
Hamas arms trader, who was killed in his hotel room in Dubai last year 
using agents disguised as tennis players.

The operation began when Israeli intelligence picked up an online 
booking for a senior Syrian nuclear official at a hotel in Kensington, 
west London, in late 2006, according to the Israeli authors of the book 
Israel vs Iran: the Shadow War.

Mossad then dispatched three undercover teams to Britain including a 
team of "spotters" who were sent to Heathrow airport to identify the 
official as he flew in from Damascus under a false name. A second team 
booked into his hotel, while a third monitored his movements and any 


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