[ISN] Seven security incidents in two months - Sony’s nightmare grows (Update)

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Date: Tue, 24 May 2011 00:11:28 -0500 (CDT)

By Steve Ragan 
The Tech Herald
May 23 2011

It seems that Sony has had to deal with one embarrassing incident after 
another recently. Like piranha swarming someone injured in a river, it 
looks like everyone is testing Sony’s security defenses. What does this 
mean for Sony? Assuming it’s hurt at all by these incidents, can their 
reputation be salvaged?

It started in April. Anonymous launched a DDoS attack against Sony over 
their lawsuit targeting GeoHot, who developed the tools needed to add 
homebrew software to the PlayStation 3. That lawsuit led to a mix of 
reactions, both positive and negative, from the public at large. 
However, analysts speculated that the court battle will do little to 
damage the entertainment giant.

Later that month, the news spread that GeoHot’s case was settled. Yet, 
there was another problem. The PSN was down, and remained so for nearly 
a week before Sony first alerted the public to the real reason behind 
the outage.

Between April 17 and 19, someone cracked the PSN and compromised the 
user data stored there. Estimates placed the number of victims at more 
than 70 million. Instantly, Sony took heat for the delay in 
notification, in addition to heat for the compromise itself, due to 
reported lackluster security practices and policies. [Source]


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