[ISN] 35 Million Google Profiles Captured In Database

From: InfoSec News <alerts_at_private>
Date: Tue, 31 May 2011 04:10:32 -0500 (CDT)

By Mathew J. Schwartz 
May 27, 2011 

Caveat poster: A security researcher has assembled a single database 
containing 35 million people's Google Profiles information, including 
Twitter feeds, real names, and email addresses, among other data points.

Google bills Profiles as a way to "decide what the world sees when it 
searches for you."

But Matthijs R. Koot, a privacy and anonymity researcher at the 
University of Amsterdam, also found that because of the nature of Google 
Profiles--it's meant to be indexed by search engines--he was able to 
easily save available information into a SQL database. Doing so required 
about a month's effort "to retrieve the data, convert it to SQL using 
spidermonkey and some custom Javascript code, and import it into a 
database," he said in a blog post.


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