[ISN] German Federal Police servers compromised

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Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2011 03:41:48 -0700 (MST)

The H-Security
8 July 2011

A group calling itself NN-Crew says it has broken into a server used by 
Germany's Federal Police and stolen a large amount of data used to 
GPS-track suspects under surveillance. The police apparently used the 
hacked server as a data pool and server to download GPS tracking 
software; it also contained instructions for installation and operation 
of that software. Criminal investigators require authentication for 
server access. The surveillance data published by NN-Crew included 
several usernames and passwords along with telephone numbers, license 
plate numbers, locations, and coordinates. Numerous internal documents 
used by the authorities were also stored on the server.

A spokesperson for the German Federal Police said that an "analysis 
conducted by our executive committee revealed that no investigation data 
used by the Federal Police (or by the Federal Criminal Police Office) 
was published. As far as we can tell at the moment, the data published 
came from a server used by customs officials, which apparently also 
contained information from the Federal Police on the use of the PATRAS 
tracking system for distribution among customs officials." The 
spokesperson also said that the server of the PATRAS geo-data system has 
been temporarily switched off for security reasons and that all users 
have been informed.

The spokesperson added that the Federal Police are currently working 
with customs officials to check whether the data contained any critical 
information. The National Cyber Defence Centre at Germany's Federal 
Office for Information Security will also be looking into the matter. 
The event is especially embarrassing for customs officials, who are 
probably at fault, because they themselves are (associated) members of 
the Cyber Defence Centre.


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