[ISN] Kevin Mitnick's secret weapon for avoiding jail

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[On the @attritionorg Twitter feed, it was noticed that the
website Mitnick recommends to buy this escape and evasion item
doesn't use HTTPS for checking out orders. Oops...   - WK]

By Elinor Mills
January 4, 2012

Famed hacker Kevin Mitnick has seen enough of the inside of a jail to 
know he never wants to go back. Now there's a backup plan in case he 
ever finds himself arrested again--a bracelet that has a lock-pick tool 
for handcuffs.

The bracelet looks like a geeky version of a thick woven hippie 
bracelet. But hidden inside the clasp is the secret tool that slips 
inside the lock of handcuffs and opens them. They are $17 on Sally's Cop 

Of course, Mitnick isn't wearing the accessory with any expectation that 
he will ever be arrested--he's a security consultant, speaker and author 
(his memoir, "Ghost in the Wires," came out last year and is a fun 
read). For him the bracelet is mostly a novelty and a bit of an inside 
joke, much like the version of his business card that doubles as an 
aluminum lock-pick kit. Plus he likes the "Harry Houdini" aspect of it, 
having been fascinated with magic since he was a child.

"I show it to cops. It's a conversational piece," he said of the 
bracelet in a recent interview.

But, the item also could genuinely come in handy one day.


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