[ISN] Navy faces crushing demand for information warfare systems

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Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2012 01:54:04 -0600 (CST)

By Bob Brewin

SAN DIEGO -- The Navy has a compelling need for shipboard assurance 
systems to maintain a secure environment, the service's top 
command-and-control acquisition official told an overflow audience here 
at the annual Armed Forces Communications and Electronics 
Association-West conference. AFCEA is an industry group.

Last year, the Navy installed host-based security systems on 348 ships 
to monitor, detect and deter network cyberattacks. Rear Adm. Jerry 
Burroughs, program executive officer for command, control, computers, 
communications and intelligence at the Space and Naval Warfare Systems 
Command headquartered here, said SPAWAR remains "crushed" by demands 
from the fleet to maintain a secure environment for Navy computers, 
which he considers his top priority.

Burroughs said the cyberattackers the Navy has to deal with use 
inexpensive tools readily available on the Internet, and the service 
must adopt similar practices. "We need simple commercial off-the-shelf 
solutions -- the cheaper the better," Burroughs said, as well as the 
ability to rapidly field those tools.

His organization is responsible for shipboard applications, so 
simplicity and rapid fielding are priorities. SPAWAR plans to set up an 
online applications store that will allow users to easily download 
software from a central location, according to Burroughs. He cited the 
Ozone Widget Framework, developed by the National Security Agency to 
host and download applications, as a good example to follow.


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