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: The book offers little that is new or unique, ...

That summarizes his entire career, both in presentations and books.

: Fadia is not respected among hackers, who accuse him of being
: inexperienced and lacking depth of knowledge, and of making a quick buck
: out of information that is freely available on the Internet. Despite

Given he plagiarized 32% of his seminal work, and then plagiarized a
subsequent book more heavily, it's easy to understand the lack of respect.

: this, Fadia remains one of the few well-known hackers in India, and even
: as he acknowledges the allegations against him, he is quick to point out
: that his goal is not to write for the technological elite, but for
: everyone.

Who he writes for is not the issue. Plagiarism isn't acceptable if
it is meant for one crowd and not another.

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