[ISN] Insiders: U.S. Should Take Tougher Tack With China Over Cyberattacks

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Date: Wed, 16 May 2012 04:04:39 -0500 (CDT)

By Sara Sorcher
May 14, 2012

After China’s visiting defense minister denied American accusations that 
his country is behind a growing wave of cyberattacks aimed at the United 
States, 79 percent of National Journal’s National Security Insiders said 
Washington should take a tougher public stance and push Beijing on the 

The denials from Gen. Liang Guanglie, speaking alongside Defense 
Secretary Leon Panetta at a news conference earlier this month, 
contradict warnings by U.S. officials that the cyberattacks from China 
have become a serious economic and national security threat.

Considering the damage caused by those attacks, one Insider said: 
“China’s cyber-aggression cannot go unanswered or ignored, as it so 
often is.”

Given the Chinese government’s control over Internet access in the 
country, assertions that it has no control over cyberattacks emanating 
from its territory are “laughable,” one Insider said. “The U.S. 
government should push back—and push back hard.”


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