[ISN] How Stuxnet Came Back to Haunt the U.S.

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Date: Fri, 18 May 2012 05:14:31 -0500 (CDT)

By Megha Rajagopalan
May 17, 2012

Last week, the Department of Homeland Security revealed a rash of cyber 
attacks on natural gas pipeline companies. Just as with previous cyber 
attacks on infrastructure, there was no known physical damage. But 
security experts worry it may only be a matter of time.

Efforts to protect pipelines and other critical systems have been 
halting despite broad agreement that they're vulnerable to viruses like 
Stuxnet 2014 the mysterious worm that caused havoc to Iran's nuclear 
program two years ago.

The Frankenstein-like virus infected a type of industrial controller 
that is ubiquitous 2014 used around the world on everything from 
pipelines to the electric grid.

Experts say manufacturers haven't fixed security flaws in these 
essential but obscure devices.

Why hasn't more been done? Here's why Stuxnet remains a top national 
security risk.


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