[ISN] 'There'll be fireworks at the Palace': Prince William furious at cruel hoax on nurses treating Kate

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Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2012 02:53:31 -0600 (CST)

By Victoria Murphy
6 Dec 2012

Prince William was last night fuming after two Australian radio stars 
duped the hospital treating his sick wife into releasing information 
about her condition to millions of listeners.

Mel Greig and Michael ­Christian left the stunned nurse looking after 
the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge believing they were the Queen and 
Prince Charles in a hoax ­telephone call at 5.30am yesterday.

Their 2Day FM station in Sydney later ­apologised for the shocking 

But Palace officials said William and Kate are angry at the intrusion 
and at a loss as to why anyone would find picking on a sick pregnant 
woman funny.

A source added: “There is a lot of anger about this. Prince William was 
said to be furious when he found out.

“Kate is vulnerable and weak at the moment and these people think it’s 
funny to make a joke out of it?”

The Queen’s former press ­secretary Dickie Arbiter warned there would be 
“fireworks” at the Palace over the hoax call made to the King Edward VII 

He added: “This is a shocking breach of security.


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