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From: Michael Wilson (MWILSON/0005514706at_private)
Date: Mon Dec 01 1997 - 19:25:22 PST

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    I'm certain these will be of interest to some of you.  MW
    SITREPS distributes situation reports about developing disasters
    and other disaster related and/or mitigation information.  Situation
    reports will be posted from the major responding agencies such as the
    Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), National Disaster Medical
    System (NDMS), US Geological Survey (USGS), Volunteers in Technical
    Assistance (VITA), the American Red Cross (ARC), United Nations Dept
    of Humanitarian Affairs (DHA) and others as they become available.
    Situation reports are reposted from other sources on the Internet or
    other electronic information sources and are unedited.  Most of these
    reports are provided automatically from their source agency.
    SITREPS was designed to be a "one-stop shopping" sources for
    disaster and emergency situation reports and hopefully will be an
    invaluable tool for the emergency response community.  All messages
    are archived and stored on MedicCom BBS for future reference.
    Listname: sitreps
    Post to: sitrepsat_private
    subscription command:  subscribe sitreps
    sent to:  listservat_private
    DMATNEWS is directed toward members of the National Disaster Medical System
    Disaster Medical Assistance Teams (DMAT).  This list contains postings that
    announce information relevent to NDMS or DMAT development.  It is linked to
    the National Disaster Medical System BBS and echo's all messages posted on
    the NDMS BBS Network in the area by the same name.  Postings to the DMATNEWS
    list will find their way to the NDMS BBS Net and visa-versa.  People who are
    not members of a DMAT will prehaps find the messages interesting, but they
    may be somewhat cryptic as they sometimes require a current knowlege of
    NDMS/DMAT happenings.  It is suggested that if you are not a DMAT team
    member, that you don't subscribe to this list.  All messages are archived
    and stored on MedicCom BBS for future reference.
    Listname: dmatnews
    Post to: dmatnewsat_private
    subscription command:  subscribe dmatnews
                           sent to:  listservat_private
    The objective of the HAZMED List is to provide a medium to exchange ideas
    and information about Hazardous Materials Emergency Response.
    Issues pertinent to the pre-hospital and hospital environment will be
    discussed. Topics such as decontamination equipment and procedures; state and
    federal regulations; policies and procedures; personal protective equipment;
    and educational issues will be addressed.  HAZMED is an open discussion
    list and all who are interested are welcome.  Announcments about new
    products, services or technologies specific to hazardous materials response,
    including commercial announcements are welcome ONLY if they deal specificly
    with the topic of the list.  Any other non-emergency response related,
    commercial advertizing via this list is unacceptable.  All message traffic
    from/to the list will be archived and stored on MedicCom BBS for future
    Listname: hazmed
    Post to: hazmedat_private
    subscription command:  subscribe hazmed
                           sent to:  listservat_private
    DISMED is intended for discussion about disaster medicine, medical
    issues and treatment modalities during disaster operations, issues related
    to the response of medical personnel to disaster scenes and methods and
    equipment for the treatment of patients injured during a disaster or
    Multiple Casualty Incident.  Many of the list members are authorities
    in this field and have had practical experience with disaster response and
    disaster medicine.
    Although not officially supported by the American College of Emergency
    Physicians (ACEP), Disaster Medicine Section, most of the members of that
    section who have email addresses are members of this list.   All messages
    are archived and stored on MedicCom BBS for future reference.
    Listname: dismed
    Post to: dismedat_private
    subscription command:  subscribe dismed
                           sent to:  listservat_private
    TERRORISM is intended for discussion about terrorism response and
    prevention, including intelligence gathering and emergency responses.
    Topics include weapons of mass destruction, suspicious activities,
    educational and funding opportunities, politics, and response ideas.
    TERRORISM is an open forum to EMS, fire, law enforcement, intelligence
    community, disaster preparedness & response, and military personnel with an
    interest in preventing and responding to terrorist incidents.
    Announcements about new educational opportunities and grants are welcome,
    as are new products, services, or technologies directly related to
    terrorism response.
    Listname: terrorism
    Post to: terrorismat_private
    subscription command:  subscribe terrorism
                           sent to:  listservat_private
    LISTSERV COMMANDS:  Must be mailed to:  listservat_private
    and inserted in the text part of the message.  (subject lines of the
    message are ignored)
    Command        Special Parameters   Result
    SUBSCRIBE       listname            The originator is added to the member-
                                        ship list of the group specified
                                        provided that group exists and allows
                                        remote subscriptions.
                                        ex: SUBSCRIBE HAZMED
    UNSUBSCRIBE     listname            The originator is removed from the
                                        membership list of the group specified
                                        provided the group exists and contains
                                        the originator as a member.
                                        ex: UNSUBSCRIBE HAZMED
    The administrative contact for all mailing lists, questions or comments is:
    Churton Budd, RN, EMTP
    MedicCom.Org system operator

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