[IWAR] New influenza

From: Nick Halflinger (shockwave_riderat_private)
Date: Tue Dec 02 1997 - 11:06:16 PST

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    MW, I know you track biologicals:
    Tuesday December 2 1:22 PM EST 
    New Case of Strange Flu Virus Surfaces
    GENEVA (Reuters) - The World Health Organization (WHO) Tuesday confirmed 
    the second case in Hong Kong of a human being infected with a flu virus 
    previously known only to infect birds. 
    In a statement, the United Nations agency said it was keeping up its 
    surveillance and help to national authorities, but there was no evidence 
    that the infection had spread widely or that there had been 
    human-to-human transmission. 
    WHO's collaborating center on influenza at the U.S. Centers for Disease 
    Control and Prevention in Atlanta was analyzing the specimen to see 
    whether the second suspected case of influenza A (strain H5N1) was 
    related to the first which surfaced in May. But preliminary 
    investigations do not indicate a link. 
    The second suspected case, found by China's government virus unit in 
    Hong Kong, involved a two-year-old boy hospitalized in November with 
    He recovered, but a three-year-old boy who was the first reported human 
    incidence of influenza A (strain H5N1), died in Hong Kong in May of Reye 
    "There is no evidence that the infection has spread widely in the 
    community or that there has been human to human transmission," WHO's Dr. 
    Daniel Lavanchy was quoted as saying. 
    The Chinese Department of Health was tracing possible sources of 
    exposure to the virus and liaising closely with WHO, according to the 
    Geneva-based agency.
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