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    Subject: ABCnews/Nightline on Cyber Terror 8-Dec-97
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    Last night, ABC news once again stroked the fires of fear and raised =
    boogieman of "Hackers" destroying the goverment, banks, power plants,=
    nauseum.  Of course, the main guest was from the US Govt's new trumpe=
    of CyberTerrorizm, "the President's Commission on Critical Infrastruc=
    Protection".  A full transcript is available.
    Revolution in a Box -- Cyber Terror -- AIR DATE: Monday, Dec. 8, 1997
    ABC technology correspondent Gina Smith investigates the vulnerabilit=
    y of
    our nation=92s computer systems and what is being done to protect the=
    m from
    the threat of hackers.
    Guest: Jamie Gorelick, co-chair, Advisory Committee of the President=
    Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection
    Jamie Gorelick: Well, there are a number of things we can do. I mean,=
    effort that has been started already is one to build a partnership
    the government and the private sector to work together to know when=
    we=92re being attacked, to share information, to ensure that we have =
    right research and eventually to be in a position to respond to an at=
    with the best efforts we can.

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