Re: [IWAR] Xerox Disclosure Journal

From: Lee Harvey Blotto (blottolhat_private)
Date: Tue Dec 23 1997 - 12:20:09 PST

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    ---almat_private wrote:
    > Here is IWAR at work in the "real world".  Even if
    these guys didn't REALLY
    > invent something, they can, and are, keeping others
    from actually doing it.
    > This technique could become highly destructive.
    It's difficult for me to see this your way.  It seems
    to me that they're publishing things that they do,
    whether or not they've invented them, so that there's
    an easy reference of "prior art" to ensure that their
    techniques aren't patented by others.  How is this
    "IWAR"?  How is it "destructive"?  Patents aren't 
    intended to give protection to things that *others*
    are already doing; how does this keep "others from
    actually doing it" and what is the "it" - inventing?
    It seems to me that this is to prevent others from
    trying to patent something that they didn't "invent"
    first - which means it's not legally patentable
    anyway.  Could you expound upon your concern?
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